Soundprocessing on Radio Crescendo

You'll probably notice that the sound on the average radio station has more loudness and always the same volume. That it sounds more sparkling and there are almost never dips in the volume, as with original CD recordings.

Sound processing is used to fine-tune the sound so that it also sounds good on small speakers. But even with good powerful speakers it often sounds better and fresher than the original. But that is not just a reason. Most channels also want an even volume so that the listener does not have to turn up or down his radio each time due to volume differences.

Sound processing or signal processing is already something from the beginning of the 1950s in America. CBS and NBC began there with the AM channels to quickly see that something had to be done to the signal noise and quality of the broadcasts, so as to prevent the transmitters were sent too hard which led to distortion. And so the idea arose to do something about limiting and compression.

Today, good sound processing can also be achieved through software. We use Stereo Tool for Radio Crescendo. A very comprehensive tool where the sound is guided through more than ten processing steps. We now use this tool for about two and a half years. However, obtaining the correct adjustment is a monster loop. Not every computer produces the same sound and settings are not suitable for every music genre. For a channel with classical music a completely different adjustment is needed than for a station with pop music, such as Radio Crescendo.

After a time of adjusting, trying and adjusting, we put a new preset into service in 2023. The best one yet! In our opinion, Radio Crescendo's sound quality is better than some major national and global radio stations. The idea behind these settings was to have a good sound with respect for the original and the intentions of the creators and producers. Listen for yourself and enjoy the best music of all time in sublime sound quality!